Depaz Plantation Rum 70 cl 45° proof

Rhum Vieux Plantation (aged for a minimum of 3 years) is matured in oak casks. It is perfect as an after-dinner drink, as it is in a balloon glass warmed in the palm of your hand... This full-bodied Depaz Old Rum is rich in vanilla, candied fruit, coconut, chocolate, coffee and prunes.

La Depaz distillery is located on the slopes of Mount Pelée. Domaine de la Montagne, a sugar cane plantation, was founded in 1651 by the governor of the island of Martinique, and rum production began there in 1880. After the volcano erupted in 1902, the sole survivor of the Depaz family, Victor, rebuilt the distillery and bought back more than 500 hectares of sugar cane in 1917.

Unusually for the time, Victor Depaz aged much of his rum production from the outset. The distillery and surrounding plantations were sold by his brother, André Depaz, to Bardinet (renamed La Martiniquaise). In 1989, the distillery was modernised, doubling production to 2.4 million litres in 2006.

The canes used for the Depaz rums come from their own plantation and are distilled in a stainless steel column.

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