Octomore Bruichladdich 14.1 70 cl 59.6° C

Since its launch in 2008, the Octomore enjoys cult status. It is generally matured for 5 years, the barley malt is extremely peaty and it is bottled with an alcohol content within the brut de fût range. The distillery BruichladdichFor Octomore, he talks about the "Impossible Equation", i.e. the equation that is basically unsolvable: "maximum phenol content + 5 years of maturation = exceptional elegance" - an alchemy that miraculously succeeds for each Octomore.

With the aim of producing quality rather than quantity, quartet 14 is also pushing back the boundaries of traditional whisky production.

Octomore first brings out the flavours, expressiveness and uniqueness in each bottling, thanks to careful selection of barley, cask and phenol concentration. The 14.1 offers an experience as refreshing and dynamic as its predecessors. It has been distilled from 100 % Scottish barley with a ppm of 128.9. As the backbone of the series, its taste can be likened to the starting point for the other flavours, which take other directions. It seduces with a wonderful balance of woody, smoky, malty and mature flavours. The 5-year maturation took place in first-fill American Oak casks and brought out the best of the raw materials, such as notes of vanilla, sweet caramel and citrus fruit, all wrapped up in the intensity and elegance of the smoky flavour typical of Octomore, with a hint of roasted coffee beans and spices.

Nose Leather, red fruits, barley malt, burnt oak, smoke and a touch of pipe tobacco.

Mouth Dry and spicy, with notes of burnt oak, roasted coffee beans and dried fruit cake.


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